Monday, February 28, 2011

Rise and Shine

Getting up in the morning is a chore for many...maybe most.  You may or may not be a morning person by temperament.  Maybe you didn't sleep well because you were sick, worried, or distracted.  Or did you struggle to go to bed on time?  You may be dreading the day because you aren't prepared or are afraid.  And there's the teen phenomena of high levels of melatonin (sleep hormone) swimming in your veins until around 8:00 a.m., providing an additional challenge to your start.

Commit to getting up anyway.  Figure out a doable morning routine, one that is motivating and gets you off to a good start.  Use alarm clocks, take a shower, eat and drink something healthy and yummy.  Time your routine to make sure you know exactly how long it takes; you may be surprised to find what you thought took 5 minutes, takes 15.

I can't promise that today, each day, or every day will be all sunshiny or to your liking.  But I can promise that the day is uniquely yours.  You will make choices that will direct your life and affect the lives of others.  Your first choice of each day doesn't need to be a daily answer to, "Should I get up?" because tired minds often choose, "No...zzzzzzzzz"   Right now, while you are decidedly awake, commit to getting up every day - for a week, a month, or a semester.  Reward yourself when you do and recommit to another stretch.  Today you may have a good laugh, tackle your shyness, have your heart broken, or hear your new favorite song for the very first time.  You and your day are worth getting up for.

Good morning, sunshine:)