Wednesday, December 7, 2011

X Factor

You talked me into watching the X Factor.  I'm glad.  At first I didn't get it.  All I could see were the performers facing criticism and weeping as they failed.  It seemed falsely dramatic and rather cruel.

Listening to you talk about what you see changed my mind.  Now I see these (mostly) young people taking a huge risk on a huge stage.  They face their fears and failure.  These performers are talented and have the nerve to think they can out-talent the talented person standing next to them.  Or do they out-work that person?  Or see the mystery, or luck, of it all?

Now I see the attraction of this competition, hard work, giving your all, suspense, failing, surviving, and sweet victory.  Stuff we all face.  Those still standing seem to be enjoying the ride while it lasts.  And we're enjoying the ride with them.