Monday, March 21, 2011

Very Funny

I'm convinced that God gave you to me to ensure (among other things) that I laugh. Your sense of humor is refreshing, silly, biting, and blunt. Seeing humor in life through your eyes lightens my load...when I let it.

It is with some relief that you are no longer the child that I must constantly guide in what is right and wrong. When you were little I corrected your attempts at humor gone wrong (mainly bathroom humor - do you remember when "underwear" was a funny word without compare?) I would listen with a straight face, hoping I wouldn't laugh out loud. Now I'm not so obliged to guide and worry. Sometimes you still miss the mark of appropriate humor, yet it is worth the mistakes for the majority of time when you hit the mark. Sometimes truth via humor isn't completely appropriate or comfortable.

Shockingly, there was a time when I was funny...or at least funnier than I am now. With a strong desire to do right for you (and God) I became serious. Sometimes too serious. You are laughing me back to what is true; that life is difficult and choosing to laugh in the face of fear, ridiculousness, and adversity, is a way to allow God's grace and light to flow into and out of our hearts. Very loving. Very funny.

Thank you! and Love,