Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are You Serious?

I wonder if teens and young adults feel compelled to tease, joke, and goof around so much as a way to balance out the discouraged, disheartened, and uptight adults they encounter.  I'm an adult who needs to be serious about my responsibilities but I shouldn't use this as an excuse to be anxious, negative, or grim.

Thank you for teasing me (just enough) about my old, dull eyeglasses to help me loosen up and get a cute pair.

Thank you for joking (just enough) about my shortcomings and mothering missteps to show you love me even when I fail.

And thanks for goofing around with me, the family, friends, and others.  You lighten our loads and fill our space with laughter.

The next time you ask me, "Are you serious?"  I'll likely reply, "Yes.  Finish your homework."  But I'm less discouraged, disheartened, and uptight because of you :) .