Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pleasant Company

Being with you this summer is wonder-full.  Whether we go to a party, ballgame, or Mass, I can count on you to be pleasant company for me and others.  I love when adults compliment me on your courtesy and am pleased when you are rewarded with equally pleasant friends, opportunities, and tootsie pops. 

It's also sad to consider how little common courtesy is shown to adults by many teens.  I've been on the receiving end (sulking, eye-rolling, silence, arrogance, boredom, isolation) and wonder how discourtesy became so acceptable and excusable.  I don't expect perfection, but I do expect effort.  If we don't expect young people to behave properly in social settings (make eye contact, shake hands, smile, engage) we do them a major disservice.  Sure it can be tough to listen to a dull story, eat a lackluster meal, accept a hug, and hold the door for an elderly man.  Yet, these are exactly the little ways we live out God's design to love others. 

So keep showing up, smiling, hugging, chatting, laughing, and listening.  Keep bringing your famous caramel corn, playing with the little kids, and talking baseball with the dads.  I...we...appreciate it!