Monday, June 20, 2011

Compliment or Creep?

Recently, two different men told you that you're beautiful. One well known to you needed to further explain that he wasn't being superficial. The other, a shaggy stranger downtown, needed to assure you that he wasn't a creep.

I'm old enough to remember when men didn't feel the need to qualify their observations of feminine beauty; the elderly man who tipped his hat and the construction guy who whistled. I also remember knowing full well, intuitively and through experience, when a man was sharing a compliment or being disrespectful.

Recently you asked, am I pro-compliments? Yes, when they are sincere and selfless, smooth or clumsy. Do I support compliments? Yes, they are sweet forms of verbal kindness. Will I give and receive compliments with (discerned) reckless abandon? Absolutely! One of the perks of my motherly presentation is that I can compliment others from a non-threatening place. I compliment moms on their darling children, the plumber on his timely and quality service, and the sales clerk on her pretty hair style.

Know that there are creeps but more importantly, know that they are far outnumbered by good men. Give and accept compliments with respect. are beautiful.