Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Love

Vacations are one of the glues that hold a full and sometimes difficult life together.  These extended breaks from routine offer many opportunities to have fun, build relationships, and rest.  Vacations are also for doing favorite things like eating delicious food and eating more delicious food. 

I have so enjoyed vacationing with you over the years.  When you were little, you mainly enjoyed having the undivided attention of me and your dad.  It didn't really matter where we were as long as you could play in dirt and water.  As you've grown in sophistication, so have our vacations.  Now the dirt is beach sand and the water is the Pacific Ocean or resort giant water slides and lazy rivers. 

This year was special.  We were able to gorge ourselves on the Major League Baseball All Star Game and many related events.  Knowing this may be a once in a lifetime experience, we slid into home at Fan Fest, hurt our necks watching home run after home run at the Home Run Derby, and cheered the National League onto victory.  I smile whenever I think about the fans in from Montana, the balls we retrieved (and just missed), and the full house in our home away from home, Chase Field.

Thanks for being such great company during these special times.  I look forward to our next vacation.  And the one after that.  And the one after that...