Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Easter Basket for You!

Here is an overflowing Easter basket for you filled with peeps, Jelly Belly beans, gummy bears, licorice, Swedish fishes, Big League gum, caramels, Skittles, Starburst, and Junior mints.  Ooooo, and lots of chocolate; bunnies, eggs, crosses, gourmet bars, and kisses.  And all those eggs...colored hard-boiled, Cadbury, and peanut butter.  Awwwww and check out the new to us Mallo-Licious jelly filled sour peaches.  A stuffed animal, bubbles, hopping chic, sidewalk chalk, and other favorites and surprises, too.  This Easter basket is over-the-top because Easter Joy knows no limits!

An overflowing Easter basket reflects my overflowing love for you!  Even more, it reminds us of God's infinite love for each of us!  Accept this love!  Enjoy this love! And share this sweet, sweeter, sweetest, love with those around you!  Can I have a peep?